Mukhanyo Theological College is a Reformed educational institution serving Christ’s church in Southern Africa. We give glory to God by equipping Christians in Africa. Mukhanyo is dedicated to preparing men for pastoral leadership and all Christians for the manifold ministries of Christ through His church, by providing holistic, in-depth Bible teaching and in-service training to church leaders, pastors, teachers, missionaries, young people, and many others.

Our experienced lecturers provide quality instruction on various levels of academic education (both accredited and unaccredited) to learners from a wide variety of backgrounds. Mukhanyo strives to motivate consistent intellectual, spiritual, and practical growth through spiritual mentoring and experience-developing opportunities.

Mukhanyo encourages local ministry, counselling, evangelism, and community development; we believe strongly that the Bible is the foundation for all of faith and life. As a confessional institution, Mukhanyo’s entire community confesses salvation through faith in Christ alone and a desire for many people to experience the joy of actively living out this confession.

Mukhanyo continually seeks to gain a better understanding of the communities in which our students serve so that they will be better equipped to address contemporary and urgent needs. Some core modules offer specialised studies in areas such as African Spirituality and African Church History, and all modules integrate contemporary issues into theological instruction for classroom discussions, theological studies, and support for practical teaching.