Another Memorable Graduation

Saturday, 9 March was a joyful occasion when 64 certificate, diploma and degree students graduated, equipped as church leaders to spread God’s Word in their communities in South Africa and beyond.

During the graduation ceremony, the students dressed in black gowns, square academic caps and black and dark green neckbands, were addressed respectively by Principal Dr B. de Vries, Rev P. Manzanga and Dr L. Netshitomboni, the Chairperson of the Mukhanyo Board. Referring to the parable of the Talents, the Principal greeted the students with a “well done good and faithful servants” (Matthew 25). Rev Manzanga reminded the students about Jesus’ instruction to Peter to feed and care for the sheep (John 21). Dr Netshitomboni asked the attention of the students to worrying developments in today’s South African society.

What made it even more of a special event is that it was in 2019 – Mukhanyo’s 25th anniversary. For 25 years the college has been teaching many hundreds of students, both new and experienced church leaders. Through them Mukhanyo is reaching thousands of people, to tell the world about our great God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Thousands of people in southern Africa are learning about God’s great deeds and saving grace, and how to honour and please Him in the way He expects of His children.

This day was the first in a number of commemoration events to thank God that He has blessed Mukhanyo and made it grow and develop in many ways. The next major event will be Mukhanyo’s annual meeting on Saturday 11 May, which will be held in KwaMhlanga.

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