“Christians” rejecting Christ


Talk to church leaders, pastors or ministers and they will confirm: Most of those who claim to be Christians are, in practice, rejecting Christ. Their knowledge of the Bible is negligible and what they do know is often misinterpreted, out of context, moralistic and aimed at strengthening their own position. As in the time of the Apostles, there is much confusion and false teaching in southern Africa.

     This is what makes the task of Mukhanyo Theological College so important as an evangelical teaching hub, spreading the Word all over southern Africa, with satellite study centres in a number of towns and study groups all over southern Africa, even as far as Kenya.

     Already there are in total close on 500 formal and informal Bible students, more than 50 formal full-time theological students, as well as some 250 formal teacher students. Their common aim is to spread and teach God’s Word as He wants it to be taught and to obey everything Christ has commanded to those who are prepared to listen.

     Many who claim to be Christians are prepared to listen to God’s Word. One can appeal to them to be taught the living Word of God and what God expects of them. Theological education and Bible studies in this context is a vital part of the church’s mission.

In the past year Mukhanyo has been transformed in more than one way in order to more effectively preach and teach students to become church leaders, ministers and Christian teachers. Facilities at Mukhanyo nearly doubled in size with the completion of a large extension with new classrooms, an enlarged library, a studio for recordings, additional offices, etc. Several additional senior personnel were appointed to increase and spread the workload (and responsibility), and steps have been initiated to renew the curricula of the various qualifications.

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