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“Many pastors are hypocrites”
Matthew 6:5 says, “you must not be like hypocrites … they love to … be seen by others.” And many pastors today are hypocrites, according to Pastor Elias Masango when he addressed the audience at our Church Leaders’ Conference on 13 October.

Pastor Masango led the session on faithfulness in Christ-like living. He stated that many pastors pretend to be godly and love to be seen by others, but they are hypocrites. However, a faithful church leader is no hypocrite. Rather, he has a deep and genuine walk with the Lord, and he seeks God’s glory instead of his own.

The 70-odd attendees at the conference were taught the importance of the life and character of a faithful church leader. The other two main sessions were on “Faithfulness in Preaching” by Dr David Galletta, and “Faithfulness in Church Leadership” by Rev Thokozani Thwala.

Questions & Answers
Toward the end of the day a question and answer session was held. One question: “What if a person feels called to the ministry, but his pastor gives no encouragement and treats him as a threat?” Answer: Be careful; don’t ignore the normal church channels. And be patient because the Lord can take you on a long road to the ministry. 
Another question: “Is it biblical to bless the Bible before reading it?” Answer: Quite unnecessary. God has already blessed his Word..
During the breaks there was a constant buzz of informal conversations. Many of the guests also flocked around the book tables to choose some good biblical books to study at home. We were amazed at the number of books sold at this event. Please pray with us that the Lord will continue to bless the good teaching that is being received.

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