Why train pastors and teachers?

What are the most important jobs in the world, given that all work is important? Politician? Doctor? Engineer? Farmer? Businessman?

     Ever considered pastors and teachers? They teach the Bible and advise, help, encourage and lead people to God, our Almighty Father. They teach to love His Son, Jesus Christ, about our believe in Him,  about grace, forgiveness, eternal life.  Also about  His love and our obedience.  All part of our religion, the most important aspect of our life.

     Mukhanyo has been training pastors and church leaders for many years. In the past few years also teachers. We believe these “jobs” to be of the utmost importance. That is why we hope to be able to grow the number of our students, lecturers and facilities. Because we believe that these types of people are essential prerequisites, firstly to please God, and secondly to make peace and also for making prosperity in South Africa possible.
      Your help will enable us to do more!   

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