Extending services to distance students

​There is a need for a distance BTh programme for students all over southern Africa and Mukhanyo hopes to be able to serve these students as from 2018. Distance students who have completed their studies in the Diploma in Theology have expressed the wish to continue their studies at the degree level, but cannot afford to come to one of Mukhanyo’s campuses.
To be able to serve this need, work to capture lectures for the BTh degree has now started at Mukhanyo’s new studio.

For the past few years, Mukhanyo’s approximately 50 distance study groups are already supplied not only with study guides and other material, but also with DVD’s with visual lectures for all their modules.

The studio capturing team consisting of Peter Masanabo (supervisor), Spiwe Legodi and Simon Mashiloane, have in the past few years captured and edited hundreds of lectures at a pace of about six lectures per week and last year completed some 50 modules. The result was close on 450 master DVD’s which were produced and copies send to all the study groups.

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    this is the answer to my prayers, GOD’s promises in action Psalm 37:4. Mukhanyo….. hier kom ek . ALL GLORY BE UNTO GOD

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