Finalising Mukhanyo’s history

Over the past 18 months, the first draft of Mukhanyo’s 25-year history was completed. But it still lacks some detail, anecdotes and the roles of some key-participants, much of which has never been documented. Therefore this is a call to all readers of this newsletter to assist by submitting their experiences in respect of Mukhanyo’s history.

More specific, also the following:

  • What role did you play concerning Mukhanyo or any of its activities?
  • If you were an outsider in some way involved with Mukhanyo, what did you do or experience related to this ministry?
  • Do you know any hitherto unknown or unrecorded facts about Mukhanyo?
  • Do you have any anecdotes or witness reports?
  • Is there anything else which you think should be recorded and made part of the book?

​Help wanted!
Additionally, we now need a final editor to complete this project. An experienced author is needed to polish the whole book and put it into its final form. Please contact the Principal, Dr Brian DeVries (, if you are willing to assist with this project.

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