First Corporate Worship Gathering and Signing of the Statement of Faith

PictureStudents and staff gathered for corporate worship

Mukhanyo staff and students gather together every Tuesday and Thursday morning for corporate worship and to study God’s Word. Dr Brian deVries led the first chapel service of the year with a message from Philippians 2:1-18.

His message was centered on the instruction to “Shine as Lights” in this dark and crooked world, not only as members of the Mukhanyo family, but more so as belonging to the household of God. We were reminded of our responsibility as light bearers to reflect our Light source, which is Christ, through godly conduct and witness.

PictureLecturers after signing the statement of faith

Several questions were discussed and answered that included how we are to shine the truth and knowledge of God and how to keep shining by holding fast to the Word of life.

The students were encouraged to prepare themselves to apply the truth, communicate the truth and live the truth by using their most important textbook, the Bible.

As a standing tradition at Mukhanyo, all the members of the teaching faculty signed our statement of faith at the end of the first chapel service of the year. This public declaration reaffirms that they will uphold God’s Word as foundational for all their teaching and mentoring.

By God’s grace and by the work of the Holy Spirit in us and through us, we at Mukhanyo are committed to persist in our duty to shine the light of Christ through biblical teaching, being a faithful witness in the community and having a mind of unity among staff and students.

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