First Distance Tutor Workshop

Mukhanyo hosted its first 3-day tutor workshop on 3-5 April at the KwaMhlanga campus. The purpose of this event was two-fold. Firstly to provide in-depth training in the effective running of a distance group, especially the administration involved. In the second place, to provide guidance in becoming a better tutor and mentor for the students.  

It was a free event and included lodging and meals. Attendees, 23 in total, came from all over South Africa, as well as Malawi and Zimbabwe.

The first session was an explanation of the vision and mission of Mukhanyo given by Dr Brian deVries. This laid the foundation for all the rest of the talks to follow.

Workshop topics focused on the role of the tutor in different areas such as, the classroom, financial matters, writing of assignments, administration, invigilating and examinations and as motivator. Other sessions included assessment, exam marks and compliance matters. Delegates were not shy to ask questions and expressed that the topics were relevant to their needs.

Tutors were divided into groups to discuss the challenges they experience. They also shared good practices that work for them and made suggestions on how we can improve in supporting them. They were eager to participate and used more than the allocated time for the breakout session.
The overall experience, sessions and hospitality were received favorably and delegates asked for a second workshop.

The workshop was a valuable time of discussion and feedback, as Mukhanyo strives to improve in the delivery of a quality service.

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