Great plans for Mukhanyo Distance

Last year Mukhanyo started to radically upgrade its curricula and study material for the distance programme.  This project has been making satisfactory progress and is expected to run until the end of 2021.


The main beneficiaries are Mukhanyo’s distance study groups – some 70 groups at present, with more than 600 students. This area of Mukhanyo’s ministry has the potential to expand greatly, not only in South Africa, but all over southern Africa and even beyond.

God willing, the project can be accelerated if and when additional qualified people are added to the team. At present the project consists of upgrading and redeveloping all the study material. Most of Mukhanyo’s lecturers are involved in one way or other, in addition to their normal duties.

All the study guides go through several stages of development. Completed study material is used on campus and, at the end of the first year, are re-evaluated and adjusted accordingly. In this way, Mukhanyo will be able to remain at the forefront of theology training for many years.

Dr Brian DeVries, Mukhanyo’s principal, says that the Mukhanyo Distance programme offers a unique delivery system of theology qualifications – it is a mixed model where students can study on their own and also meet regularly under the supervision of a tutor to discuss matters and watch DVDs produced by Mukhanyo’s recording studio: “Our experience is very positive and twofold: it is effective because students stay involved and a qualified tutor is available all along the way. Secondly it is highly cost-effective with students getting a good qualification at very little personal expense, partly because of the delivery method and partly because Mukhanyo is subsidising the programme.”

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