Guest lecturer from Ukraine

This year Mukhanyo is once again thankful to receive a continuing stream of highly qualified guest lecturers (see also the previous newsletter) – but never yet someone from Ukraine. He is Dr Erik van Alten, who is heading the Evangelical Reformed Theology Seminary in Kiev, Ukraine’s capital.

Actually he is a South African and was a minister of the Free Reformed Church Pretoria Maranata until a few years ago. When he was called to head the seminary in Kiev in July and August, the European holiday season, he and his wife and children  came  to visit their family and Erik spent a week in July to lecture a module on early church history, from the year 30 to 600, to over thirty of Mukhanyo’s B.Th degree students .

Van Alten says he really enjoyed lecturing and was impressed with the students and their interests. The highlight for him was that he came to realise that a very important part of the early Christian church history took place in Africa, especially North Africa. This is often not realised.

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