How a mustard seed grows


Mukhanyo’s Johannesburg campus is operating in its third year as a campus. Previously, many people, by God’s grace, have partnered to prepare for this important part of Mukhanyo’s ministry.
Mr Jons Flentge was one of them, working with Dr Flip Buys and Dr Brian de Vries, to shape the initial vision for this campus. Because of this vision, the church building in Johannesburg was donated to Mukhanyo by the Good News Community Church. By faith, Jons started with a group of six students in 2010. He and his team of lecturers worked very hard to establish what was at first a distance learning site for Mukhanyo that operated almost full-time.

In 2015 a task team consisting of Rev Celumusa Zulu, Mr Jons Flentge, Rev Michael Marsland and Rev Michael Rogers overseen renovations of the facilities and prepared for the enrolment of students for 2016, in both a diploma in theology and Mukhanyo’s BTh programme.

By the end of 2015, Dr Japie Malan was added to the team as campus manager. In 2016 Johannesburg, now officially registered as a campus, opened its doors to three Diploma and eight BTh students. The three lecture rooms were adequate, with the devotions being held in the fellowship area. Several students could not continue, so the number were lower by the end of the year.  But the ministry had started!

In 2017 eight new students registered for the diploma and three new full-time students for the BTh as well as six part-time BTh students. The Lord was very good to us and everything went well. The limited facilities were still serving their purpose, although the fellowship area had to be used as a lecture room as well. Seven diploma and six BTh students successfully completed the year. In addition, renovation upgrades and other improvements were completed.
Now 2018 has started with five new diploma students and four new BTh students as well as a number of part timers. Altogether there are about 30 students in this location. Further renovations and expansions have become necessary and will, God willing, be implemented this year, including:

  • Computer centre for the students. Many of our students do not have such facilities at home. So for a start five workstations with a server and an ADSL line for internet connection need to be installed.
  • Offices for lecturers. Three offices for lecturers to work and to interview students are coming. The current library will become the campus manager’s office.
  • Lecture rooms. In the sanctuary of the current church building, three spacious lecture rooms are planned to add up to five spacious lecture rooms and two small ones. 
  • Library. On top of the three lecture rooms, we plan to add the new library to comfortably house many volumes and students.
  • Marketing. Batile Rhoda Moloi, a marketing expert, compiled a marketing report.  

Request: Pease continue to spread the word about Mukhanyo Johannesburg in your areas of influence, and pray that God will increase the numbers of students that He desires to be here. With gratitude, we lift our thankful hearts to the Lord. He planted a mustard seed in Johannesburg and it is growing slowly to become a tree that blessed many. We believe that God will use this campus to be a big tree that will faithfully serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our thanks to all who ran with the vision; those who endured and persevered! May the birds, by faith, make their nests in this tree! The first fruit of the Johannesburg campus was on 24 February 2018 when the first diploma student, Sharon Sampson, graduated. She persevered to the end and we are proud of her.

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