How to prepare and deliver a sermon


The Bible truth is so important, so essential for the conversion of the unsaved and for the spiritual building up, instruction and guidance of Christians, that it simply must be delivered well. How dare we present such priceless gold in a boring way? No, but we must deliver it with great care and much earnest prayer. That is why Mukhanyo held a course on this topic on 6 May.
Preparing the sermon is the groundwork which must be done before you can deliver the sermon. If you don’t prepare the sermon, you will have nothing to deliver. If your preparation is poor and your delivery is good, you will be a good deliverer of bad goods, a good salesman of bad products, and maybe a very impressive false teacher. That is not our goal! Rather, we would like good messages from God to be delivered very well and very effectively to the glory of God.
For the sake of having the right perspective, a few words need to be said about the preparation of the sermon. It involves two main parts.

  • The first is to select a portion in the Bible, study it and use good methods to gain a proper understanding of it.
  • The second is to construct the message or sermon with introduction, main points, explanations, illustrations, applications and conclusion.

Never underestimate the importance of good preparation. It is the foundation for any sermon or Bible study.

The main issues in delivering a sermon are as follows.

  • Remember a preacher is a steward, herald and a witness
  • He prepares his sermon in prayer, considers the hearers, has his prepared notes and makes sure he is appropriately dressed.
  • When preaching, he makes sure his attitude, voice, language, posture, movements and gestures are appropriate.
  • He faces his hearers. And uses his eyes.
  • He talks with clarity, uses his originality and can even use humour.

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