Introducing: Another Malawian lecturer – Dr Willie Zeze


How does a Malawian minister and academic come to work at Mukhanyo? We went to ask Rev Willie Zeze, Mukhanyo’s lecturer in church history and church policy.

The answer is simple. He saw the vacancy advertised on his email, applied and is now already in his third year at Mukhanyo. And he finds it a stimulating place, interacting with friendly colleagues and students.

Born and brought up in Malawi, he was a member of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian, of origin a group of churches planted by Dutch Reformed Church missionaries in Africa. Now he is a member of the KwaNdebele Reformed Church and over and above lecturing he preaches and does mission work on weekends, especially with Malawians working on farms and in Johannesburg.

Wasn’t South Africa a strange place for him? Not really. After studying at the Zomba Theological College in Malawi, he continued his study at the University of Stellenbosch where he did his master’s and doctorate in church history and church government.

Before coming to South Africa he was a church minister, coordinator of Theological Education by Extension of Malawi, lecturer, vice-principal, chairman of the Nkhoma Nursing College, and in between he translated the Heidelberg Catechism from English into Chichewa.

“We have a wonderful team here at Mukhanyo. I came because I wanted to work with residential students. And that is what I am doing.”

He hopes God will enable him to continue this work. His work permit, enabling him to work in South Africa, expires in 2018, but can be extended. So let’s see what God wants and has decided for him.

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  1. Roelof J. Oomen

    Dear Dr. Zeze,

    Here is Rev. Roelof J. Oomen, who worked in Malawi as missionary for the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Malawi. I returned two years ago because of retirement. I am now in the Board of Timotheos who is taking care of children in Malawi / scholarships ans so on. A Malawian has translated a little booklet for the children. Is it possible that we send it to you in order to check and to edit it if necessary? Thanks. My email: You once took care of the our church order.
    Warm regards / Roelof

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