Bible College Consultation, 20 – 22 June Christian ethics requires Bible study
This newsletter tells about some of the highlights of Mukhanyo’s annual Bible college consultation, which this year took place on 20 – 22 June. It was attended by some 85 dedicated church and missionary leaders from eight countries in Southern Africa, representing more than 35 Bible colleges and training ministries.

The one point of agreement everybody in one or other way stressed, was the absolute need for far more Bible training. And more Bible study!

The following remarks underlined this:

  • Witchcraft belief is still rampant in the Christian church in Africa. The Bible has changed people only on the surface, not so much in the heart – after 500 years of preaching Christianity since the European Reformation. What has been going wrong? Why hasn’t the African worldview not effectively been engaged? A lack of Bible knowledge!
  • Many social evils need to be combated. But the priority must be to preach the rebirth of people as Christians – which gives everlasting relief. That is what the Bible teaches!
  • Prophetic ministry of the Bible calls God’s people and also society back to morality standards. People need to know and understand the Bible.
  • False teachings/prophets must be confronted with the Biblical truth. But then you need to know the Bible.
  • It is Christians’ mandate not only to subdue the earth, not only to multiply, but also to educate according to God’s will – which can be done only if you know the Bible!
  • All history is God’s story. Let’s avoid the mistakes of the past. We will know where we are going if we know where we come from. Only the Bible can be the true guide.
  • General education informs, but does not purify. Only in Christ, through good theology, does life add up. Teach, proclaim the Bible!
  • We must proclaim the rule of God, the gospel, in this world.
  • Africa desperately needs Christ-centred servants and leaders who know what the Bible teaches.
  • The Word of God and the Holy Spirit needs to be studied daily with regular devotions.
  • Students of Bible colleges and seminaries must be taught to recover biblical thinking, behaviour and practices – and be able to defend the truth against false prophets and false religions.
  • Knowledge of the Bible should not be skin-deep, but life-transforming.

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