Library Books Galore


Mukhanyo is thankful for about 25,000 books in its libraries at five contact-based centres. Now, in addition to these, a shipment of 15,000 theology books has arrived from North America and has been disembarked in Durban. These mostly new and some used books were donated by several publishers in America.

Without doubt these books will make the Mukhanyo libraries some of the best equipped theological libraries in Southern Africa.
However, there is a challenge. The books are in storage near the Durban harbour and are not as yet allowed to be transported to KwaMhlanga. Books are not a priority during the lock-down. So we have to wait, hopefully only for a few more weeks.
When the books arrive, they will be catalogued and divided between Mukhanyo’s five centres. Any duplicates beyond Mukhanyo’s libraries will be given to other colleges and libraries.
Soon Mukhanyo’s library system will be fully integrated across the five locations. At present more than 20,000 books have been catalogued and are in Mukhanyo’s library system. An upgraded system is being finalised with much greater functionality for students and lecturers.

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