Mukhanyo encourages and supports students who enrol withPuritan Reformed Theology Seminary (PRTS) for the ThM. This is not a Mukhanyo qualification.

Masters in Theology (ThM)


This course of study expands and deepens a student’s abilities in ministry. It is designed for students who possess a Master of Divinity degree (or its equivalent) to help them take their learning to a higher level.

It can be used as a terminal degree (especially the classes-only track), or as a transitional degree (especially the classes-plus-thesis track) for those wishing to pursue additional graduate studies, particularly a PhD program in religion or theology.


You will learn to:

    • Exegete individual passages of Scripture accurately, employing understanding of the original languages, historical circumstances, and literary and theological relationships
    • Articulate the major issues of faith and life that the church has confronted throughout its history
    • Articulate confessional Reformed theology on exegetical, biblical, and theological grounds
    • Systematize exegetical, historical and theological data into a consistent and coherent theology, and explain how theology applies to personal and church beliefs and actions.
    • Demonstrate leadership abilities in ecclesiastical and academic environments, especially in relating these truths to the church today.
    • Respond with biblical discernment to contemporary trends in biblical interpretation and apply a sound Christian worldview to contemporary cultural issues that impact the church today.
    • Understand, analyze and respond to current trends and crises in specialized disciplines and contribute new vistas of thought to these issues.
    • Demonstrate an ability to apply biblical and theological studies to ministry, whether pastoral or academic.
    • Demonstrate academic competence in the chosen field of study, including proficiency in the methods and tools of theological research and writing by conducting graduate level research and evidencing skills of critical analysis.

Areas of Concentration

ThM students will choose a concentration in one of three areas:

    • Biblical Studies
    • Reformation and Post-Reformation Theology
    • Systematic Theology.

Each of these concentrations is designed for either pastors desiring advanced training beyond the MDiv, or students desiring to pursue further graduate studies. Students choosing a ThM in Biblical Studies must demonstrate competency in Hebrew and Greek, having completed a minimum of one year of biblical Hebrew and one year of biblical Greek. It is particularly the purpose of this concentration to sharpen exegetical skills, to learn to employ effectively the discipline of Biblical Theology for scriptural study and exposition, and to be able to defend the integrity and authority of Scripture.

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