Mukhanyo Theological College gives glory to God by equipping pastors and other Christians in Africa. ​


Mukhanyo Theological College is a decentralised training network with multiple sites of delivery in Africa, that provides biblical education for church and society. Mukhanyo fulfils the needs of pastors and other Christians by offering education at various levels and within several disciplines, including theological studies and teachers training. The multi-ethnic body of students at Mukhanyo receives biblical in-service training for ministry in the African context. Mukhanyo serves churches by equipping their pastors and other Christians for promoting the growth of Christ’s kingdom.​


  • Providing relevant, high quality, holistic, affordable in-service semi-residential and/or distance training.
  • Providing biblically based training opportunities and facilities to church leaders for church and community development in Africa.
  • Developing church leadership and administrative skills in order to inspire kingdom vision and to support the growth and development of churches.
  • Equipping leaders, office bearers and members of churches to correctly understand and apply the Bible in their own environment.
  • Empowering church leaders in their local ministries to act as a catalyst for development aid projects.