Mukhanyo is Blessed, Also in 2020


We thank the Lord for His gracious hand over Mukhanyo and His wonderful provision during 2020. God has provided in many ways and, apart from the initial lockdown, we could continue with the ministry of training church leaders for ministry. Praise His Name!

During the many months of the COVID-19 lockdown and the various restrictions, Mukhanyo has been able, not only to continue most of its work, but also to continue serving students and developing study material – even while working from home.

Yes, of course, many adjustments had to be made. Lectures had to change to various forms distance communication. Many of us had to work from home, especially in the first few months since March. Some students did not have the facilities such as laptops, smart phones or internet and could not keep up. Remunerations of staff had to be supplemented through the government unemployment insurance fund for several affected workers during the hard lockdown.

Despite these challenges, however, Mukhanyo’s staff received on average the equivalent of 100% of their salary, even during the lockdown months! Mukhanyo also received extra small “food voucher” donations, which were distributed on several occasions to all staff, who in turn could pass them on to people in dire need.

We thank the Lord that the 2020 curriculum of all Mukhanyo programmes could be completed, and year-end examinations took place according to plan.

On an even more positive note: Mukhanyo’s Rustenburg and Durban advanced learning centres have been established soundly and expect strong growth next year. While the number of students exceeded a thousand last year (including the students at some 80 distance study groups and the education programmes), the number could well pass 1 250 next year.

We thank the Lord for all these blessings and pray to Him that we may continue this important work in His name.

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