Mukhanyo Prayer and Praise – April 2022

As long as we are here on earth, we will never be able to anyhow understand the depth of this truth, the suffering that is described in these few words or the wonder of our glorious redemption. We will indeed need eternity for that! But while we are here, we have to make sure that this redemption is ours and that we proclaim this precious message. Here at Mukhanyo we are also training others to do that in a more effective way.

  1. While the world is in turmoil, we are very grateful that the ministry at Mukhanyo can continue unhindered. We thank the Lord for His provision in so many ways and it remains our prayer that He will continue to provide and use us by His grace.
  2. Thank the Lord with us for a blessed Graduation event on 12 March. It is our prayer that the graduates will continue to equip themselves better, will walk with the Lord and will be used by Him for the extension of His Kingdom.
  3. Pray that the Lord will lead the right people to Mukhanyo to study with us – those that are called by God to proclaim the Word. Pray for a good intake for the second semester later this year and also with the various distance groups.
  4. Our lecturers and mentorship leaders need wisdom from the Lord to teach, guide and mentor our precious students. Some of them didn’t have the privilege to grow up in a Christian home, are the only Christians in their family or didn’t even grow up with both their parents. Such and other similar circumstances can lead to great emotional hurt. Pray that the Lord may give them healing and restoration and equip them to help and minister to others.
  5. The following is the calendar for April:
    1. Friday 1 to Monday 18 April – Study break for Contact students. Classes will resume on the 19th.
    2. Monday 11 April – Student Support Committee meeting.
    3. Tuesday 19 April – Executive Committee meeting.
    4. Wednesday 20 to Wednesday 27 April – Intensive module in the Masters in Theology programme which Mukhanyo facilitates (From Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary).
    5. Monday 25 April – Academic Committee meeting.
    6. Saturday 30 April – Workshop on Teaching Children and Youth at our KwaMhlanga campus.
  6. At the time of writing we are seeking to fill the position of ICT Administrator as Guilherme Rios, who very faithfully served at MTC for 3 years, will leave us to pursue further studies in his field. Please pray that the Lord will call a committed Christian with the right skills to serve in this position that serves all five centres. Pray also for a good handover and that the new person will quickly fit in with us.
  7. Mukhanyo is hoping to appoint Distance Coordinators who can assist our Distance Manager with oversight over the many Distance Learning Centres. Pray that God will lead the right people to us.

Thank you for continued support in prayer!

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