Mukhanyo Prayer and Praise – November 2021

Whenever we make plans or share our plans – like we are doing with this Prayer and Praise Letter – we are very much aware that we always need to say: “God willing”. May the Lord keep us very aware that our lives, our ministries and the whole world is in His hands and circumstances can change very quickly.

We thank the Lord that ministry at Mukhanyo is continuing and we also thank Him for those that stand with us through their prayers, interest and support! We again wish to share some points for prayer:

  1. Thank the Lord with us for the Staff Vision Day, Strategic Workshops and Strategic Planning that took place from 29 September to 1 October. Valuable ideas could be shared and we experienced a unity among staff members that was encouraging. Please pray for the Lord’s guidance as management is processing the results of those discussions.
  2. The contact students are busy with the last few weeks of classes before the exams. We thank the Lord for them and pray that it will go well with their studies.
  3. Pray that our students will not only be academically equipped, but that they will also grow in their  relationship with the Lord and that their training will be a period of spiritual formation for them.
  4. Apart from all the normal day-to-day activities, the following is on the programme for November:
    1. Thursday 4 November – Student Farewell meeting in KwaMhlanga
    2. Saturday 6 November – Conference in KwaMhlanga for Church Leaders and Alumni
    3. Monday 15 November – Executive Committee meeting
    4. Monday 15 November – HR Committee meeting
    5. Tuesday 16 November – Exams start for all contact students
    6. Thursday 18 November – Audit and Risk committee
    7. Monday 22 November – Student Support Committee
    8. Tuesday 30 November – Staff Forum
  5. Quite a bit of planning for 2022 is done currently. Please pray for wisdom for the following:
    • Teaching schedule for the first semester next year.
    • Annual financial budget that has to be prepared before the Audit and Risk meeting.
    • Marketing for new students – pray that the Lord will send those whom He wants to be equipped  for ministry.
  6. Pray that the Lord will encourage all the MTC staff in their walk with Him and in their work at Mukhanyo and that He will call the right people to fill the vacancies there are.

Thank you for being part of Mukhanyo!

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