New Education Modules Available

As of February, Mukhanyo’s accredited Higher Certificate in Bible Teaching has been expanded with elective modules for an education track. This elective track prepares students to become Christian teachers and will also be a valuable tool in their daily life.

These extra modules have been developed by Dr Gerrit Heino, an education specialist from the Netherlands, serving at Mukhanyo. The modules are now being tested and improved in the classroom by Dr Gerrit and several others: Dr Charles van Zyl in Johannesburg, Amanda Nel in KwaMhlanga, and Dr Anneke Viljoen in Durban.

The first students have already registered for this track which consists of up to four education modules, Becoming a Christian Teacher (CE01 to CE04), introducing a student to a variety of topics in the field of Christian pedagogy and didactics with the following themes:

  • On your way to teaching: becoming a good Christian teacher
  • Becoming an internal authority through building a relationship
  • Organising a powerful learning environment
  • Identity development and characteristics of adolescence
  • The teacher’s responsibility to students and vice versa (including the relationship between students and their mutual responsibility)

The study guides are supplemented by two books, The Teacher’s Handbook and The Essence of Christian Teaching, giving a student a comprehensive introduction to Christian teaching.

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