Objectives for 2020

What should be Mukhanyo’s priorities in 2020? Earlier this year, as in previous years, the Mukhanyo team engaged in strategic planning sessions with the entire staff. Outputs were further shaped by the faculty and management, and then recently approved by the Board of Directors.
A number of priority activities are ongoing. But like any other growing organisation, it is important to sit back every year to reflect on what Mukhanyo is doing to facilitate improvements in the right places.
Thanks to all the growth in the past years, Mukhanyo is increasingly able to accommodate more and more students, which is much to be thankful for. But it requires special attention in a number of fields.
One such aspect is the public relations of Mukhanyo to churches and communities. The potential and also the need for all sorts of church leaders in southern Africa is enormous. So the contribution that Mukhanyo can make needs to be communicated more and more.
In addition to better communication, a number of other identified priorities include the following:

  • Supporting new advanced learning centres in Rustenburg and Durban.
  • Upgrading all technology systems, a project that has already started.
  • Development of new programmes and elective modules.
  • Upgrading of quality material, continuing the work of previous years.
  • Expanding the network of distance learning centres in southern Africa, and just keeping up with the enormous potential to grow these centres and serve new eager students.
  • Appointing two more full-time lecturers to meet these growing needs.
  • Finding additional funding to supplement tuition income and subsidise quality education.

Our Father in Heaven has over the years provide to Mukhanyo what is needed. We at Mukhanyo are trusting God that He will continue to do so, as long as Mukhanyo functions according to His will. Please join us in praying for God’s blessings even as we pray for grace to do His will.

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