Reformation 500 also a Mukhanyo affair

PictureWittenburg university where Luther lectured and preached

Mukhanyo, like the rest of the world, has benefitted from Martin Luther’s audacious action that become public in 1517 when he nailed 95 statements to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany. One can even say that one of the results of this action is that, by God’s grace, Mukhanyo Theological College exists today in Luther’s slipstream.

Look at the following points:

  • Luther saw the importance of making the Bible accessible to everyone. That is why he translated the New Testament in 1521 when he was kidnapped and held hostage in the Wartburg Castle (see picture), and later also translated the Old Testament, as well as many other books and sermons. As a result of his work and that of many other Reformers, Mukhanyo’s work is to open the Bible to all people, teaching church leaders and teachers to do so to wherever possible.
  • Why is it so important to open the Bible? Because Jesus Christ gave His Word to teach His children, all believers, to believe in Him and to serve Him, an approach that Luther and the other Reformers rediscovered. So does Mukhanyo.
  • To spread the Word and serve Him the way He wants to be served, and to grow in faith, believers must read and study the Bible continuously. That is what Luther started teaching and this is what Mukhanyo teaches.
  • Luther saw the light as it is taught by Paul in Romans, which is the only way one can be saved, through God’s grace. Through his insight, Mukhanyo is teaching the same Reformed biblical truths today.
  • Bible teaching, mission work and evangelising, all over the world and also in Africa, are done as a result of the work of Luther and the many other Reformers, not only in the 16th century, but ever since, also today and also at Mukhanyo.

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