Pastors’ Wife Conference


“I wish I had received such teaching . . .”
Congregations expect much of a pastor’s wife and she often finds it difficult to balance her time between her family and the ministry. Apart from that, the family of a pastor often has the feeling that they “are living in a fish bowl” and that the congregation is watching them closely. They seem to just never get it right in the eyes of some of the church members!

How does a pastor’s wife deal with this? Should she withdraw from being involved in the ministry? Should she be involved in everything at church even at the risk of neglecting her own children and home? 

On Saturday 6 October 2018, a Pastors’ Wives Conference organised by Mukhanyo was held at Midrand Chapel. Four women spoke on the topics “Supporting your husband in ministry”“The challenges of parenting in ministry”“How to organise a women’s fellowship”and “Hospitality, reflecting Christ in your home.”

We learned that a pastor’s wife should be sure about her position in Christ – the most important is what Christ sees in her life and not what people see. When children are brought up in the Lord’s ways and learn to love the Lord and have respect for others, they can be taught and will probably love to be of help reaching out to others or with hosting guests. On the other hand, it was clearly stated that neither the pastor nor his wife can save their children – that happens through the saving grace of Christ. 

Each of the sessions also included much practical advice. All the attendees agreed that it was a blessing to them and some of the older women replied with a sigh,“I wish I had received such teaching when we started in the ministry!”We are so grateful for those who attended and especially the younger ladies who are only starting off on the road of pastor’s  wife.

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