Plans and Prospects Galore


Though Mukhanyo has five centres and many more distance study groups, it does not mean the staff can sit back only to monitor and facilitate it all. It means more work and also more opportunities to continue as a growing academic institution with a missional heart, teaching God’s Word far and wide.

​At the recent faculty forum (before the lockdown), attended by most of Mukhanyo’s lecturing staff, the principal, Dr Brian DeVries, gave a picture of the work in the year to come. Here are a few of the areas for growth:

  • All the hard work to develop learning material and study guides in the past year should continue unabated.
  • The Durban advanced learning centre needs to be firmly established after a very promising start.
  • The number and quality of distance study groups are increasing and must be assisted.
  • Marketing will have to be intensified to increase the number of students in the five centres.
  • Developing new electives and also electives as add-ons to existing programmes.
  • Ongoing expansion of technology for teaching and learning, administration, and support now that the software system has been upgraded.
  • Another 15,000 theological books will need to be catalogued (once they arrive) and the library system upgraded.

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