Prayer and Praise for June 2019

May the Lord help us at Mukhanyo and each of our friends, supporters and prayer friends to be witnesses for Him in our own sphere of life. 
  1. Thank the Lord with us that the Mukhanyo Thanksgiving Day and AGM on 11 May went well. Attendance was good and it was a blessing to look back and forward together. May the Lord help us to continue faithfully with the ministry according to His guidance.
  2. On Wednesday 5 June 3 members of the Executive Committee will travel to Durban to attend some meetings to discuss the possibility of an Advanced Learning Centre
  3. The quarterly Board meeting is scheduled on Thursday 6 June. Thank the Lord for those who willingly serve on our Board and please pray that the Lord will give them wisdom for every matter.
  4. The Bible College Consultation will be held from 11 to 13 June. Please join us in prayer for the following:
     All the final preparations and the practical work behind the scenes.
     Good attendance and safe travelling for all who will join us.
    ​ That the Lord will equip and use the speakers, bless the teachings and use it to bring about much growth in the quality of Theological Training in Southern Africa.  That attendees will be blessed through the fellowship and that the Lord will keep His hand over the whole event.
  5. All lecturers will gather on Friday 14 June for the Assessment meeting where the results of the students will be discussed and evaluated. Please pray for wisdom and that this meeting will contribute to rendering a good service to our students.
  6. Our students are currently enjoying the mid-year break. Please pray that the Lord will keep them close to Himself and use them as witnesses for Him while they spend time with family and friends of whom some are not Christians.
  7. Thanks the Lord with us for His faithful financial provision that the ministry of Mukhanyo can continue. Pray that He will continue to do so and will also send the right people to fill the current vacancies.
  8. Please pray that the Lord will bless our staff members and students and strengthen them in their relationship with him. Lately one student and a staff member lost their spouse. Others have close relatives that battle serious illnesses. May the Lord especially encourage and strengthen those. 
May the Lord bless you as you are supporting us with your prayers!

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