Prayer and Praise for February 2018

Items for Praise

  • Give thanks for the positive results of all the conferences and ministry events during January.
  • ​Give thanks for both the new and returning students.  Pray the Lord’s blessing on their studies this year.
  • ​​Give thanks for the new distance learning support centers starting in several locations.

Items for Prayer

  • Pray the Lord will give wisdom to all the lecturers as they mentor our students this year.
  • Pray for the collage management as we serve our students and seek kingdom growth.
  • Pray for God’s blessing of the chapel sermons on Tuesday and Thursday every week during the semester.
  • Pray for the campuses in downtown Johannesburg and Pretoria suburbs, and for the new students at each.
  • Pray for financial support of operating costs, student scholarships, and new teaching and support positions.

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