Prayer and Praise – September 2022

These words are so well known, but again become so precious when we pause at them for a moment. We should stay close to our Lord and then we will find our shelter and protection with Him. Is there a better or safer place to be? We can place our trust in Him – what a privilege!

At Mukhanyo the ministry is continuing and with this we want so share a few prayer requests with you again:

  1. Thank the Lord with us for our dedicated staff and the students that are studying at Mukhanyo.
  2. Pray that our students will be encouraged in their studies and will grow spiritually during this season of their life. Pray also that the Lord will provide for them so that they can find the necessary funds and time to complete the courses they are doing.
  3. Apart from all the daily activities, the following is on the calendar for September:
    1. Thursday 8 September – Board meeting
    2. Monday 12 September – Academic Committee meeting
    3. Thursday 15 September – Awards ceremony for students that completed unaccredited courses
    4. Thursday 15 September – Operations Committee meeting
    5. Monday 19 September – Student Support Committee meeting
    6. Tuesday 20 September – Staff Forum
    7. Wednesday 21 September – Dean of Students meeting with students at Rustenburg Advanced Learning
    8. Monday 26 September – Friday 7 October – Study break for all contact students
  4. Monday 12 September: Pray for wisdom to host the Council of Higher Education (CHE) representatives who will conduct a site visit at our Pretoria Campus. Their favorable report will ensure the continued accreditation in South Africa of our programmes.
  5. 22-23 and 26-29 September: The next two Th.M. modules, Reformed Spirituality and Covenant Theology, will be offered at our Pretoria campus by Dr. Stephen Myers of PRTS. Pray for the Lord’s blessing on these lecturers and on the students in this master programme.
  6. Tuesday 27 to Thursday 29 September: Distance Forum. This is an annual highlight where all the tutors of the various groups are invited. Then various staff members give teaching, guidance and advice on various aspects of the work; but most important of all: it is a time of spiritual refreshment and fellowship for our tutors. Please pray for all the preparations, safe travelling, and that the Lord’s blessing will be on this.
  7. Occasionally MTC has opportunity to share the Word or market the College over the radio. On 5 September one of the lecturers will be giving 11 short devotions and 1 message to be recorded for this purpose. It will be broadcast on an Afrikaans national radio station on Sunday evening 25 September and during the week of 3 to 8 October on behalf of Mukhanyo. Please pray that the Lord will bless His Word to hearts and that it will create awareness of the Mukhanyo ministry.

Thank you for your interest and prayer support

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