Prayer & Praise for September 2017

Items for Praise

  • Thank the Lord for our students and pray that they will not only grow in knowledge, but also in their relationship with the Lord.
  • Thank the Lord for the day seminars and conferences that were held at our KwaMhlanga campus during the past years. We wish to do much more in this area. Please pray for wisdom and God’s guidance and resources for this part of the ministry.

Items for Prayer

  • Pray for the following two seminars and conferences that are planned for September:
    Financial Skills at Johannesburg Campus on Saturday 2 September;
    Ladies Conference at KwaMhlanga Campus on Saturday 16 September.
  • During September we will have two visiting lecturers at KwaMhlanga campus: John Bell and Johannes Klapprodt. Please pray that they will soon feel at home in the Mukhanyo family and that the Lord will make them a blessing to our students and staff.
  • Pray that the Lord will send us additional full-time lecturers to teach at Mukhanyo. It is important that they also share our vision and mission.

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