Profile: Rev. Sechaba Legoete

Alumnus and Regional Coordinator


“The greatest need in Africa is the faithful and effective preaching of the Gospel and the building of healthy and thriving Biblical churches through sound and Biblical reformed theology such as offered at Mukhanyo,” says Rev. Sechaba Legoete. “Every graduate who learns Biblical theology is one more pulpit that will make a change.”

Rev. Sechaba has been the pastor of the Barberton Community Baptist Church for the past ten years. He is a Mukhanyo alumnus and now also a regional coordinator in the Lowveld of the Mpumalanga province in the north-east of South Africa. “My desire is to see more long-distance Bible study centres so that we can elevate and deepen the appreciation of Biblical theology in our churches. Because the level of understanding the true gospel leaves much to be desired.”

“Sunday after Sunday worshipers are fed meagre spiritual rations, not the sufficient staple food meant to make believers and the churches strong and healthy and, unable to impact and transform the lives and surroundings of its members with the gospel.”

Rev. Sechaba says he had the rare privilege of being born into a Christian family and receiving a good Christian upbringing. After completing school he started studying at Mukhanyo, obtaining a Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree in 2008. He later did a pastoral internship at Lusaka Baptist Church in Zambia. Rev. Sechaba calls himself a Baptist Reformed Christian. His passion is to spread Biblical theology and make it available to church leaders and other Christians, raising the level of theological education to address the weakness of African churches.

We pray that the Lord will bless the ministry of Rev. Sechaba and the other regional coordinators so that they all will be empowered to spread Biblical theology effectively and widely.

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