Progress with Study Guides


​Mukhanyo continues to improve its collection of quality study material.  The production of study guides for the updated curricula is making good progress.

To summarise:

  • As far the BTh degree modules are concerned, half of the new study guides have been completed in-part and are in use. Most of the other guides are in various stages of development.
  • In respect of the study guides for the new higher certificates (still awaiting final approval), approximately a third of the study guides have been published with the rest in progress toward completion.

​Developing quality material takes much time. All the study guides must go through a number of stages. Guides that have been completed are used and then re-evaluated at the end of the first year to be adjusted accordingly. In this way, Mukhanyo remains at the forefront of quality theology training.

Please pray with us that the new Higher Certificate will be approved soon so that these quality materials can be used to bless many more students.

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