Reformed synod to get Mukhanyo involved


In January the General Synod of the Reformed Churches in South Africa took place in Potchefstroom. Mukhanyo has been for decades involved with the denomination in a number of ways, and as a result of the synod’s decisions, we hope to be even more involved in future.
Firstly a number of points on the agenda involved Mukhanyo directly or indirectly. For example, serious note was taken of the increasing shortage of reformed ministers and church leaders. The theological curators and senate of the Theological School in Potchefstroom (TSP) were instructed to come up with concrete proposals on how to address this problem in partnership with Mukhanyo.
Mukhanyo’s chairman, Dr Lusani Netshitomboni, as well as the principal, Dr Brian de Vries, addressed the synod. They briefly presented the work of Mukhanyo, some of its present needs, and areas of new growth.
It was obvious from the discussions and also from informal talks between delegates that Mukhanyo experienced much goodwill, far more than at previous meetings. Everybody realises that additional and alternative ways of training ministers, elders and other church leaders are urgently needed in the light of the existing and increasing shortage, especially of faithful well-trained ministers. The only question is that of what to do about it. The next synod – in 2021 – will have to take concrete steps.

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