Second semester has started


Mukhanyo was honoured on 24 July to welcome Prof Arjan de Visser of the Canadian Reformed Seminary in Hamilton, Canada, as the preacher at the opening of the academic second semester of the year. He is a professor in practical theology and mission. Prof de Visser lectured at Mukhanyo 15 years ago, before he was called to the Canadian seminary.

Prof de Visser preached from Philippians 2:25-30, emphasising the bond between Paul and Epaphroditus, even though Paul sent Epaphroditus to the Philippians so that they would rejoice at seeing him again. This little history has three lessons for Mukhanyo:

  • Serve each other in ministry as much as possible.
  • Paul explains why he feels obliged to send Epaphroditus and testifies about him, not because he wanted to get rid of him. This shows the importance of a motivated attestation or testimonial between churches.
  • The Lord uses all sorts of people to preach the Gospel. As church leaders and as students, we all fall short with many sins. But we live by the grace of God. We can always go to the throne of His grace for help.

When visiting Mukhanyo’s KwaMhlanga campus, Prof de Visser and his wife, Inge, took the opportunity to visit Nakekela in nearby Tweefontein, a palliative care centre for HIV/AIDS patients. This modern and well-looked after centre with its 20 beds was originally started by Mukhanyo in 2005. One of Nakekela’s donors is Word & Deed North America, of which Prof de Visser now serves on the board.

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