Seminar: How to Prepare a Sermon

Many of the numerous sermons and messages at churches can be greatly improved by better, wiser and more biblical preparation. Part of the problem is inadequate theological training.
Helping church leaders to prepare their sermons and messages is part of the vision of Mukhanyo. In fact, that is how Mukhanyo started – equipping untrained church leaders and pastors.
On Saturday, 4 March, just over 50 guests, mainly church leaders, gathered to attend a seminar at Mukhanyo’s KwaMhlanga campus on How to Prepare a Sermon. Aspects of this important subject were covered by three of the College’s lecturers, and the teaching was very well received.
     Some of the main points made again and again were:

  • The preacher has to spend much time on the text and the context of the subject of his sermon.
  • It has to be done in humble prayer, asking God to give wisdom and insight.
  • A sermon has a structure: building an outline and adding elaboration, explanations and applications.

As one attendee said: “It is very good; they put the Diploma in Theology and BTh lectures together in this teaching!” Of course, that can’t be literally true, but it is clear that people were encouraged and helped. Other attendees were surprised to hear that sermon preparation actually involves hard work!
Part of the seminar was a practical exercise in which the attendees worked on some Bible texts. Good Christian books on preaching and other topics were available. Attendees had the opportunity to invest in good material to help them in preparing their sermons.
On Saturday 6 May a follow-up seminar will be held with the theme: “How to Deliver a Sermon or Bible Study”. May the Lord use these events to build His church.

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