Studying in Splendid Isolation


When the lockdown was announced, all the residential students at KwaMhlanga went home – except six. They are from Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda and not able to go home on such short notice. They remained in Mukhanyo’s hostel and the only thing they could do, was to study – which they have been doing ever since.

Degree student Deng Garang from South Sudan tells the story: “We were left on the campus almost crying, not knowing how our lives will be like as our parents are far away. Truly we were feeling lonely, but thanks to God we were allowed to stay at the compound. At the moment we are thoroughly studying and seriously praying for more revival and that this Corona-virus outbreak comes to an end”.

​“We are thankful for the Mukhanyo lecturers who instruct us through WhatsApp and email, enabling us to continue with our study and send our assignments to the lecturers. Things have been challenging but we know after three years at Mukhanyo that everything is in place”.

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