The 10th Annual Consultation


Dr Voddie Baucham is the keynote speaker of the next Bible College Consultation, along with many other experienced theological education leaders within southern Africa.

The theme for 2021 is “Standing Firm for Truth in Bible Education within Africa”. The Theological Education Association of Southern Africa (TEASA) is hosting this event together with Mukhanyo. More information is published on their website:

Keynote addresses planned for this tenth annual consultation are:

  • Contending for the faith in theological education within Africa
  • Exposing subtle African syncretisms in our church communities
  • Defending Bible education in Africa against Western errors
  • Theology that is both soundly biblical and thoroughly African
  • The moral and practical demands of defending the faith
  • Promoting biblical discernment ministries in southern Africa
  • Creating synergies: Standing firm together as theological institutions
  • Protecting theological educational institutions against compromise
  • The aspirations of faithful theological training in southern Africa

Registration for 2021 will open in February. For now, please save the date, 8-10 June 2021, and pre-register at

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