Ways to Enrich Your Marriage


Exhort, love, respect and give yourself right through your whole married life. These are some of the main points stressed during a Couples Conference held on 8 June at Mukhanyo’s KwaMhlanga Campus.

Pastor J.V. Sukazi, the pastor of a church in the wider KwaMhlanga area, spoke on “Building a Fulfilling Biblical Marriage”. He read from Mathew 19:4-6 and touched on several points regarding marriage, including that the husband should love his wife and the wife should respect her husband as the head of the home. He especially stressed Jesus’ teaching that “from the beginning” marriage was meant to be for life. It was encouraging to hear such a clear reminder of the basic truths, also since there is so much unbiblical teaching about marriage these days.

Pastor Jacques Malan, full-time lecturer at Mukhanyo, spoke on the topic “Biblical ‘One Another Commands’ in Marriage”. The commands he touched on are:

  • Exhort one another – to come alongside and help.
  • Submit to one another – to respect one another and follow the one God has put in authority.
  • Love another – to willingly give yourself to help, bless and meet the needs of the other one.

The conference was well attended. During the group discussions for men and women separately, several questions were raised. On the ladies’ side, most of the time was spent on how a wife should communicate with her husband and what her role should be in handling finance in the family.

The men discussed the need for churches to better provide the much-needed role models of a biblical husband. Many boys grow up without men – let alone godly men – to mentor them. This discussion was followed by an uninterrupted string of questions and answers on the matter of fulfilling the husband’s role.

May the Lord help those who attended to implement what they learned, to His glory!

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