Breakthrough in Kenya


Over the past year, Mukhanyo’s educational courses have experienced a significant breakthrough in Kenya. Presently, four sites collectively accommodate about ninety students engaged in Mukhanyo’s Focus programme and a separate group dedicated to teaching Mukhanyo’s diploma-level Higher Certificate courses.

The journey began in a providential manner when Rev. Eric Ngala Mutumbi founded the Reformed Theological Seminary in Western Kenya in 2013. Having previously pursued studies in the Netherlands, he shared his vision of establishing a rural training programme for Kenyan pastors and church workers with Christian friends in the Netherlands in 2012. It was during this exchange that one of his friends introduced him to Mukhanyo Theological College in South Africa. Promptly, Rev. Mutumbi initiated correspondence to start a local learning site offering a Diploma through Mukhanyo, which has now expanded to include the Higher Certificate programme.

While attending the annual TEASA consultation in 2016, Rev. Mutumbi had an encounter with a team from the Net Foundation of the Netherlands. Recognising their shared objectives, they swiftly agreed to form a partnership and expand the training programs for church leaders in Western Kenya and the Rift Valley. This collaboration has experienced remarkable growth, with learners from this group seamlessly transitioning into Mukhanyo’s Higher Certificate programs.

Rev. Mutumbi is convinced that Mukhanyo’s Focus programme will provide essential foundational training that equips church leaders to effectively share the Gospel and educate church members to identify the prevalent cults operating in Kenya.

He expresses deep gratitude to the Lord for these providential connections with faithful brothers who have provided support in their commendable endeavours. The previous year a generous donor facilitated the training of two potential Focus tutors at the Mukhanyo campus in Johannesburg and has extended support by covering their attendance for this year’s TEASA Consultation in Pretoria, South Africa.

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