Carl Pohl’s Story


More than ten years ago, a good friend told me that their church was going to host the distance learning programme of Mukhanyo Theological College. I was interested in studying theology, but up until then I could not pursue it: I am middle-aged, and as a husband and father of five children I have many responsibilities. So studying with Mukhanyo was the ideal opportunity to pursue, especially with classes on Saturday mornings close to my home.

My experience with the studies was very positive. It broadened my knowledge and laid a strong foundation in theology. I learned many things, including many differences between my Western way of looking at the world and the African way, leading to a better Bible understanding for which I am very thankful. The fellowship with the other students was out of this world; some friendships continue to this day as we work together in outreach programmes.

As a husband and father, my studies helped me to teach my wife and children many principles in the Word of God. We come together daily to read the Scriptures and to pray.

As the shepherd in my household, I must guide my family on the right path and keep out the wolves (bad influences), bringing our children up in the fear of the Lord, teaching them the Gospel truths, and making them aware that God is with us every step of the way.

As a church elder, I now have more insight into the Word and biblical doctrines. In most cases, it is easy to help people with questions about theology. The course in counselling helped me to listen better and to understand many issues with more insight. The studies also enabled me to better evaluate preaching.

As a Sunday School teacher, it gave me Bible knowledge and experience to teach the children the simple principles of the Bible. I am able to answer most questions easily. Many children these days come from broken homes and have questions about life and about God.

Every Sunday morning, I now help with one of the programmes at the Centurion Reformed Church. We reach out to a nearby squatter community, people mostly from Lesotho. We share the Word and bring the Gospel to the people. We now have more insight into the African worldview. There is still a lot of work to be done in African communities and there are many possibilities to reach out.

For me personally, Mukhanyo’s distance learning program was most definitely a life-changing experience. Many principles I use daily, especially the way I pray and the way I listen to the Word of God.

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