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“One, two, three, Jesus loves me!…”

This is one of the songs that were taught at the two one-day seminars with the topic “Learn to Reach and Teach Children God’s Way”.

The seminars were conducted at Mukhanyo’s KwaMhlangu campus on Saturdays, April 20 and May 4. As always, Mukhanyo seeks to strengthen the local church through seminars and conferences for church members or leaders. The organising committee was greatly encouraged by the 50+ people who attended in each case, and to see their participation and enthusiasm.

Maggie Britz from Child Evangelism Fellowship presented the workshops and dealt with topics like “Why evangelise children?”, “Counselling the unsaved child” and “Ministering to children through the local church”, as well as some practical matters on preparing and presenting a Bible lesson.

Children should not be overlooked when it comes to teaching God’s Word. Bible knowledge is the foundation that should be laid at an early age. When giving advice to a child, teachers must ensure that they understand the child’s question to provide a clear answer.

Attendees received notes on all the topics, had short discussions in small groups, and conducted presentations on what they had learned. It all added up to great benefits for the participants.

Each attendee received a book with five Bible lessons. As many attendees don’t have easy access to such material, it was much appreciated. Mukhanyo also made a special effort to have theologically sound Sunday School material available at reasonable prices. 

Nothing in ministry has a 100% success rate. However, if the skills of 35 Sunday School teachers were improved and they each taught 10 children regularly, 350 children would be reached more effectively with God’s Word. What an opportunity! May the Lord bless the results and fruit!

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