Thanks to Donors, Big and Small

Once again in the past year, finance enabled Mukhanyo not only to function normally but also to continue financing growth and development. This was possible as a result of numerous donors, some large, some medium and many smaller ones. The Lord has put it in the hearts of many faithful Christians to support Mukhanyo and the many students who receive bursaries.
The South African economy and recent economic expectations are rather negative. Economic growth is minimal, employment is well over 35%, and the majority of authorities on all levels as well as the many parastatals have found it impossible to maintain services. The result is that many potential students, also the hundreds at local learning sites, are finding it increasingly difficult to find support to partially finance their studies, either through their families, churches or donors.

At present Mukhanyo is looking at ways and means to develop additional support systems. One recent initiative is the establishment of the Up-in-Africa Fund. Newly registered local learning sites located outside of South Africa can apply for funding through subsidised student fees. This seems like an ideal way for congregations and individuals to take responsibility for students at a local learning site. Details on the Up-in-Africa Fund are available from Glyn Williams at

Another creative way to support is to remember the Mukhanyo ministry in your will. For example, recently a lady at an advanced stage in her life enquired if she could include Mukhanyo in her will. Of course, this is possible. The following sentence can be inserted in a will: “As a special bequest, I/we bequeath an amount of R. . . . . . . . to Mukhanyo Theological College, KwaMhlanga.” It can also be added if a person wants the legacy to be used for a specific purpose, programme, or centre.

Most of Mukhanyo’s annual income comes from donations, about half of which comes from international Christians. Some of these international donors have promised to give more… if local donations are increased. So every donation of any size makes a big difference for Mukhanyo!

You can now give online at

You can also give via EFT to:

  • Mukhanyo Theological College
  • Nedbank, branch 155345
  • Cheque account, 1553 033 205.

Please see for more information.

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