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All to His Glory – Shepherding Ministry Leaders in Cape Town

Shepherding God’s Flock

Mukhanyo Theological College has recognised the urgent need for quality theological education in Africa. On Saturday 25 May they inaugurated a new learning centre in Cape Town at the CHS Life Centre in Kirstenhof. The event attracted a diverse group of attendees, including local church leaders, potential students, their families, and individuals curious about theological education in Africa.

The day commenced with Rev. Neil Henry, Mukhanyo’s Regional Coordinator for the Western Cape, reading Ezra 7:10. Rev. Henry extended a warm welcome to attendees from across the province.

Dr. Brian DeVries, principal and senior lecturer at Mukhanyo, provided an overview of the college’s future plans for the Western Cape, focusing on high-quality, low-cost Bible education in Africa. “Our vision for Cape Town is to extend what we have already been doing in other locations – to establish a regional campus supported by many local learning sites across the province. The Higher Certificate is already being offered, and enrollment will open soon for the Bachelor of Theology degree with classes to start in January 2025. This vision for the Western Cape is already underway, with five local learning sites and 48 students enrolled in Cape Town over the last three months.”

“Mukhanyo’s goal for the next two years is to establish twenty more of these local learning sites, with the help of local churches. There are already 100 local learning sites across Southern Africa where Mukhanyo’s materials are being taught. In the next two to five years, we envision an established Cape Town campus offering a range of higher education qualifications in order to make a practical difference in our communities.”

A highlight of the event was the keynote address by Dr. William VanDoodewaard, an ordained minister, church planter, and the academic dean at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in South Carolina, USA. Dr. VanDoodewaard, a well-published author known for works such as 1 & 2 Peter: Feed My Sheep, The Quest for the Historical Adam, and The Marrow Controversy and Seceder Tradition, spoke on “Feed the Sheep,” aligning with the main theme: “Shepherding God’s Flock”.

Bishop Siegfried Ngubane addressed the assembly, emphasising the importance of remaining true to the doctrines of Scripture. Dr. DeVries gave an address on the theme “Know the Shepherd” from 1 Peter 5:1-4. Other Mukhanyo leaders – Dr Japie Malan, deputy principal; Rev. Tebogo Rakgalakane, local learning manager; and Dr Greg Phillips, academic registrar – outlined the college’s educational offerings and future plans for the Western Cape.

“We are thrilled to expand our theological training in Cape Town, particularly focusing on the significance of quality Bible education and church-based local learning. Mukhanyo has a proven track-record for thirty years in other areas and, by God’s grace and with His blessing, we hope to also be a blessing to many churches in Cape Town and across the Western Cape,” stated Dr. DeVries.

This new centre marks a significant step in Mukhanyo’s mission to provide accessible and high-quality theological education, fostering the development of ministry leaders equipped to serve their communities faithfully.

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