Annual Meeting and Some Updates


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down some ministry matters, Mukhanyo is thankful that most of its activities could continue. Dr Brian DeVries, Principal, stated in Mukhanyo’s annual report that the college is well-positioned by God’s grace for at least the next five years.

At the annual general meeting held virtually on 24 July 2021, Dr DeVries reported that the recent unrest did not affect Mukhanyo’s Durban Advanced Learning Centre or the Johannesburg Campus, the two cities where most of the riots took place.

In addition, on 27 July contact classes at the five centres/campuses started for the second semester, only a week later than originally scheduled and two days after South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa, made the re-opening possible by relaxing some restrictions.

According to the 2020 Annual Report, both semesters last year were completed successfully with minor scheduling and procedural changes, although many classes had to take place virtually during the lockdowns. The lecturers were able to spend more time than usual developing teaching material, especially more and better study guides at all levels. In addition, software for student records and learning management was further expanded.

From a financial point of view, things worked out well during 2020. Expenses were cut by 10%, to 2019 levels, during the lockdown to plan reduced donations. Indeed, income from African sources decreased, but income from other sources increased somewhat – something to be thankful for. The result was that total income increased by 2,2% compared to 2019.

For 2021 and beyond, further growth is expected in respect of academic quality and spiritual formation of the students, additional contact students, expansion of student support systems and further material development. Considerable growth is expected in distance student groups of which there are some 85 already – of which more than 10 are outside South Africa.

Did you know . . . ?

  • Mukhanyo offers theology and education programmes at various levels. Some programmes are unaccredited short courses and five programmes are fully accredited qualifications in South Africa. For more details, see
  • All these programmes are serviced by 35 lecturers across the five centres/campuses, as well as 150 facilitators servicing about 85 distance learning support centres.
  • Mukhanyo gave away almost a million rand in bursaries last year!
  • Good progress has been made in material development with the updating of more than 75 study guides, many of which are in the final draft phase. Additionally, many theological elective modules (in the fields of education, preaching and apologetics) are near completion.
  • The graduation ceremony in March 2021 included many firsts: a total of 91 graduates, the first Higher Certificate graduates, the first BTh degree graduates from the Pretoria and Johannesburg centres, and the first BTh Honours graduate.
  • Mukhanyo’s social impact in local communities includes students involved in community work, conferences and workshops to help people from local communities, especially aimed at women, the youth, financial skills, Christian counselling, social work, etc.

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