Biblical Womanhood


Mukhanyo is “An academic institution with a missional heart!” For this reason, we also host day conferences to serve the spiritual needs of people in local churches and the community at large.

On Saturday 26 March 2022, a ladies’ conference was held at KwaMhlanga campus with the theme “Biblical Womanhood”. Corné Loots from Revive our Hearts South Africa was the main speaker. She spoke about “A woman’s identity in God”.

PictureCorné Loots from Revive our Hearts South Africa with interpreter

The audience was challenged to be cautious with whom or with what they identify themselves. Corné acknowledged that we all come from different backgrounds and language groups. In Old Testament history, Ruth identified herself with Naomi and the God of Naomi. Our identity should also be in God and we should make sure that we draw closer to Him by studying His Word.

During the discussion it became clear there is an enormous need among ladies for good Biblical teaching and counselling. Some explained their marital problems; a widow expressed her feeling of loneliness and sense of rejection; another lady shared that she is currently going through a divorce – she is a believer, but her husband is not. A young girl expressed her feelings of bitterness and her unforgiving spirit towards her father as he was not involved in her upbringing.

Tears flowed and some time was used to pray for one another.

The final session of the day was by Wynie Malan from Mukhanyo. She spoke on “A wise woman’s building project” from Proverbs 14:1: “The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.” Ladies were reminded that they should ensure they belong to Christ and are wise in Him. In this way, they can be building up their homes, husband, and children, as well as their church-family and the community, and not be tearing them down.

May the Lord give lasting fruit from the teaching! May He give guidance on how Mukhanyo can improve this important ministry!

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