Biblical Worldview Course


An intensive Biblical Worldview module was presented at Mukhanyo’s Pretoria Campus in early January by Dr Morné Diedericks, a lecturer at Aros. The focus of the module was on a Biblical worldview in relation to Western worldviews within the African context. The module compared a Biblical worldview with the five major worldviews namely theism, naturalism, polytheism, pantheism, and modernism.

One of the students highlighted the urgent need for an African Reformation, where men like Luther and Calvin from the African communities should rise up and preach sola Scriptura (only the Word of God) within their communities.

Over and above the full-time Mukhanyo students from the Johannesburg and Pretoria campuses who attended, the largest group of visiting students consisted of employees of the Campus Outreach ministry. This international ministry does missionary work among students on university campuses in South Africa.

According to Dr Diedericks, the classes were very interactive and students shared their own experiences regarding different ways in which a Biblical worldview should be presented in relation to other worldviews.

The week also showed that the COVID-isolation caused a sense of longing for interaction with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. This fellowship in Christ formed part of the modules atmosphere, emphasising the importance of the contact mode of delivery.

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