Bryson and May Arthur Retire


Dr Bryson Arthur and his wife May will retire soon and return to Scotland. While we are sad to see them leave the team, we also understand their need to retire after serving as missionaries for so many years in Africa and the Middle East.

Dr Bryson joined Mukhanyo’s team two and a half years ago for the purpose of setting up the Honours programme. This he did and did well – and this year there are almost 20 students in the programme.

Bryson’s wife, May, lectured on several formative subjects while also supporting her husband. Both have made a positive contribution in many areas within the Mukhanyo family.

Dr Bryson said “it took a while, but we got there in the end! We find ourselves again, leaving, as we have so often from so many places. It is very sad to leave Mukhanyo and South Africa. At Mukhanyo I added to my list wonderful people that I got to know. It is particularly hard for me to leave my Honours students who are truly a family group, and it has been a privilege to teach them and learn with them, as it has been in all of my BTh classes.”

“It normally takes about two years to settle into a different culture: getting out of culture shock, getting to know how things are done, beginning to learn the language, and generally finding a comfortable place within the new society. But this settling-in period has been punctured by COVID. For months we weren’t able to teach, and then finally classes started with social distancing. But with great suffering all round – for our students and for people we know and love.”

“I have work to go to which is a blessing of God, but it is difficult to look forward when we are lovingly immersed in our present circumstances in beautiful South Africa. We are saying ‘goodbye’, but not forever – and of course, there is heaven.”

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