Clearing the Library Deck


The 2022 scheduled accreditation visit by the Council for Higher Education of Mukhanyo’s Pretoria Campus ushered in a clearing of the deck at our library complex. Simultaneously, collection growth necessitated extended library shelving at all branches.

The Pretoria branch seized the opportunity for its anticipated – and modelled – metamorphosis. Straight rows of shelving were rearranged in shorter, compact assemblages. Now, accessible sub-collections are derived from the foundational collection. The suitable furniture to support browsing and ready reference was accessorised. Typical library infographic posters now brighten up the interior, while DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification) signage directs users precisely to discover relevant information, and thoughtful expressions on the importance of reading and libraries welcome users.

Amid library staff’s regular information provisioning tasks, users were guided to find information for study and research purposes. Typically, almost 4 500 descriptions – some tricky – were added to Mukhanyo’s record of information resources. Complementary works were selected from the output by valued publishing houses, to strengthen the academic component of this theological collection in Africa.

A novice experience occurred when users joined in reading awareness events such as World Read Aloud Day, South African Library Week, and World Book & Copyright Day – the latter produced quiz winners. From here, the user community’s information fluency will only grow.

The deck is now cleared for a structured library programme, scattered with several fresh items to look forward to.

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