Preparing for Growth in Durban


Mukhanyo’s centre in Durban urgently needs more space to grow. The present facilities are too small, with only two classrooms and limited space for offices and the library.

The Durban Centre was established two years ago, located in the small hall of the Reformed Church Pinetown. Though still young, this centre has made a very promising beginning, despite limitations during the pandemic.

There are now three full-time lecturers and several part-time visiting lecturers. A secretary is needed by the end of 2022 as well as more lecturers in the next five years. Mukhanyo’s management team expects the student body to increase gradually by a total of six to eight students each year for the next four to six years. But overall growth will be limited by the physical space available. Therefore, we need a new building as soon as possible, ideally before July 2022.

A Great Building in the Ideal Location
Thankfully, after almost two years of searching, we have found the perfect property, in the centre of Pinetown, the crossroads of the entire greater Durban area. More importantly, it is also the place where all the various social groupings in the region can meet together. The building already has everything in place for the next few years, with space to expand to accommodate projected growth for at least the next 10 years.

Long term, buying is better than renting since an owned property is an investment for the future. We have looked at several rental options in the area, but something suitable will cost at least R35,000 per month (thus R2.4 million after 5 years with inflation). Renting is also less settled since the lease could be terminated and making costly renovations to a rented property is not wise. So while less expensive in the short to medium term, renting is not the best option for our Durban Centre.

Most Funding Already Received
We thank the Lord that more than three-quarters of the required funds have already been donated. The total cost of the purchase and transfer will be R3.9 million.

An international donor has already given R2.9 million for the purchase of the property, and a South African donor has promised to match all donations up to R500 000. Therefore, we only need to raise a further R500 000.

It is a difficult time economically here in South Africa. But there are many South Africans who want to make a difference by investing in a successful ministry that is busy training the next generation of spiritual leaders. So please prayerfully consider donating to “top-up” the funds that have already been given.


Plans for the Future in Durban
Mukhanyo is planning for the continued sustainable growth of the Durban Centre if the Lord wills since the projected need in this area is very great. There are no other accredited Bible schools in the entire greater Durban region. Yet there are thousands of churches in the region that need properly trained church leaders, most of whom do not have access to any other quality Bible training programme. Furthermore, the recent riots in Durban are proof of the urgent need in the immediate communities for properly trained Christians and spiritual leaders.

At present, the Durban Centre offers two qualifications, with a mix of day and evening classes: (1) the Higher Certificate in Bible Teaching, a one-year programme that is introductory to tertiary theological education; and (2) the Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, a four-year programme that gives a comprehensive foundation for pastors and other Christian workers. Demand for these fully-accredited programmes is strong everywhere in South Africa, and Mukhanyo has become known as a trusted provider of quality Bible education for all social groups in the greater Durban areas.

The plan is also to apply with the necessary authorities for “campus” status as soon as this permanent location is secured. No major alterations will be needed to these facilities (at least for the first few years) so the campus application can be made immediately upon purchase.

With the Lord’s blessing, the future Durban Campus will be a great blessing to local churches and church leaders in the entire region – from Jozini in the North, to Pietermaritzburg in the West, and to Port Shepstone in the south. We must be faithful now with the resources God has provided, even while we continue to pray for His gracious blessings.

Partner With Us
Are you able to partner with us in gospel ministry by donating towards the purchase of this building? We welcome donations of any size.

Please make a tax-free donation to Mukhanyo’s cheque account: 1553033205 (Nedbank 155345). You can also donate online at

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